For years Starbucks Indonesia has created bespoke tumbler collections with many local artist and brands. As part of community, It is our commitment to strengthen humanity by uplifting local community and helping through caring for each other.

To celebrate 78th Indonesia Independence Day , we are proud to have another collaboration with local brand; PURANA (

Purana is an environmentally friendly local fashion brand that was established in 2009. They focuses on local talent and uses natural fiber and dyes from plants and also collaborated with local cloth craftsmen with the commitment to adopt local wisdom, by utilizing artwork made by local artisans and combining them with fashionable cuts, pattern, and color mix.

With same value we started the project by taking traditional fabric as the main focus in the collection, to re-echo Batik as Indonesia's cultural heritage. There will be 9 designs consist of various traditional fabrics that have been legalized as Indonesian cultural heritage based on the link in

The collection will be available in all stores and ecommerce start in 17th of August 2023



The Indonesian motif is inspired by the Sekar Jagad Batik which comes from the Dutch words 'kaart' which means map and 'jagad' which means world. This motif symbolizes the meaning of beauty and nobility of life in a world full of differences that coexist.


Bring the Skyscraper Batik motif that resembles tall buildings and reflects the condition of the City of Jakarta and the Shoots of Rebung Motif which has a shape in the form of a row of triangles facing each other or opposite.


The Patrakomala Flower and Kutilang Bird motifs which are the mascots of the flora and fauna of the city of Bandung are added with the Mega Mendung accent.


Inspired by the Ujung Galuh motif where the Ujung Galuh area is the forerunner to the formation of Surabaya. Combined with Sharp Bamboo (City of struggle), Tabebuya, Semanggi, and shark/crocodile silhouettes.


Everything about Gringsing motifs and Bebali fabrics, with elements of frangipani flowers that are the silhouettes of temples that are iconic in Bali.


When talking about Jogjakarta, we will be aware of Ceplok motifs, Parang motifs, Kawung motifs, Udan Iris motifs which are representative of the Yogyakarta city.


Inspired by the meaningful Sipirok cloth motif, namely in the form of advice, hope, and prayer as well as the family tree of the people of North Sumatra. And North Sumatra is one of the best coffee-producing provinces in Indonesia because it is dominated by mountainous areas suitable for planting coffee beans.


Raising the Koffo Fabric motif with a Phinisi Ship accent. The use of a phinisi ship as a batik accent symbolizes the ancient Makassar people who used this ship to sail to other areas.


The Keker/Merak motif is depicted with a pair of peacocks perched on a tree, symbolizing peace, happiness, holy and eternal love. The Bima Weaving Fabric motif is a traditional Lombok cloth.